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America’s Next Top Model: Karolina Kurkova

October 6, 2010

From 14 finalists, the numbers have been whittled down to 9.  We lost skinny Anamaria, sensitive Terra, mother Sara, and flower-child Rhianna.  I’m hoping for a big shock tonight.  I hope someone I love gets the boot so I can moan about it.  Angst – I want angst!

The promos promised a moving runway and more complaints about Kacey.  (Summary of Kacey: pretty, preppy, fake, and unpopular.)  Karolina Kurkova, a supermodel, guest judges.

My boyfriend is watching so I anticipate some random blunt comments.  Here’s comment number uno: regarding Tyra: “I feel like you have to be really full of yourself to do an intro like that.”  He’s not into Tyra in a bodysuit singing, “Do you want to be on top?”  Fair enough.

Runway Challenge: “Sometimes you have to move backwards to move forward.”
The challenge is to model Hervé Leroux designs (formal dresses) inside of the Second Street Tunnel in Los Angeles, the platform will be moving.

Random Lexie comment: “I didn’t even know you could shut down tunnels.”

Chelsey has huge trouble; everyone gasps when she nearly eats it.  The moving runway is a kind of conveyer belt.  She looks like she’s going up an escalator backwards.

Liz goes next.  She swears and almost falls; she is definitely not winning the composure challenge.

Jane looks somewhat professional, but Miss Jay comments that she needs more self-confidence.

Kendal loses her shoe and twirls around trying to keep her balance while barefoot.  Hi-larious.

Lexie does great and the crowd cheers for her.

The crowd also seems to like Kacey.

Esther has a very awkward time of it.  She falls off the end of the runway which is moving, so it deposits her off the backside.

Chris does the worst job, freaking out.

Kacey wins, which is not going to help out her popularity case.  If only she had been able to share her prize, then she might have made some friends.

House Call: In Walks Karolina Kurkova
Karolina Kurkova visits the house and makes the girls healthy smoothies.  Chelsey notes, “Her skin is perfect and she looks so much younger than us, because she takes such good care of herself.”  Kurkova’s first point is that eating healthy will help them look good.

She also states that personality is key to success in modeling.  I thought looks were the most important thing, but my boyfriend agrees with Karolina.  He thinks a nice person attracts more fans, and more employers, thus, a happy, warm person will be quite successful.

The latest model-household confrontation makes somewhat-interesting drama:
Kacey: “So you guys basically don’t like me.”
Liz: “Duh!  Do you need me to write it down in a letter?”

Photo Shoot: “Don’t let the competition throw you.”
Photographers: father-son duo Eddie and Moshe Brakha (Brakha Times Two)
The Shoot: Posing in a bowing ring (macho libre theme)
The Objective: “Bring [a] sort of beautiful madness” to the photos.

Report Card (From photo shoot performance to ~> Judges’ comments)
Liz bores again. ~> Judges love the look: scary in a hot kind of way.
Kendal does okay. ~> Judges: she looks pretty but isn’t pushing her potential.
Jane fails to commit to her poses.  ~> Her pose looks too sexy.
Esther looks fairly intense. ~> Judges like her body language.
Chelsey looks like a regular rock star. ~> Judges love the intensity.
Kayla also looks like a Pussy Cat Doll-in-the-making. ~> Judges commend her kick-ass photo.
Kaycee shows a learning curve. ~> Judges don’t buy it as a whole.
Chris brings motion to her poses. ~> They’re amazed by her leaping ingenuity.
Ann looks very couture and struggles. ~> Judges find the picture too magical for words.
Lexie poses awkwardly. ~> Judges are not feeling it.

I think it’s bad to advertise this a competition when it doesn’t feel like a competition.  Guess who received best picture again?  Ann.  Call-outs continue in this order: Chris, Chelsey, Kayla, Liz, Kacey, Kendal,
The bottom two include Lexie, who takes bad pictures, and Jane, who lacks spark.  Jane stays.

Next week, the girls visit Rodeo Drive and do a Cover Girl challenge.

What do you think of ANTM Season 15?  Write a comment in the space below.


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One Response to “ America’s Next Top Model: Karolina Kurkova ”

  1. Sook on October 10, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Maya, once again you nailed this episode to it’s fullest extent and made me want to keep watching this show! Love your details, observations and personal comments! You wanna be on top? I’d say you got it Girlfriend! :)