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Notes From A Walkman Junkie: Eat My Words

September 30, 2010

“I just cannot let go of my  CD player and all of the inconveniences and injury potential that comes with it. There is something delightfully tangible and satisfying to me about selecting my  CD of choice,  placing it in the player and hearing the marvelous ‘click’ of closing it shut.  I recently received a free nano ipod for signing my annual lease at the den of death AKA my place of residence.   I plan to wear it as a little broach.”

Yes, I wrote those words and yes, I meant them at the time–but hey–things change.  My portable CD player is history, but that doesn’t alter the fact that I am still a stubborn, change-resisting, technologically-challenged ass.  I’m just a little  harder to spot now.  No longer am I bogged down with my large, chunky and potentially dangerous (I have been beaned in the face  by my discman numerous times–caused mainly by my spindly  arms hooking the cord and my inability to multi-task–run AND look anywhere but directly in front of me.) CD player.

It all began with me merely taking the ipod out of the package one day last week…just to look at it….no big deal….I won’t even take it all the way out…just wanted to see… maybe it would be OK to touch it….just a little…no harm in that…. so smooth and shiny… tiny….maybe I could plug it into my computer…..just for a minute…. I’ll take it right out….Oh…it fits so nicely….I’ll just leave it in a little longer….

Well, I left in in a lot longer and proceeded to load hundreds of my favorite songs onto it.  I could not believe how easy it was–I just drag the songs from my computer on to the little ipod picture on the screen and poof!  They are inside my (shiny, smooth, teeny, adorable) real fucking ipod!  Inside of it!  All of those songs!  It is so tiny!  The songs are inside of it!   It was like magic and it was god damn beautiful.  I was hooked.

Of course, the true test of my love for this newly discovered tiny magical thing would be at the gym so I went to try it out.   I climbed onto the treadmill, pulled my sleek little device out of my bag, put in the ear pieces that accompanied it–and began to run.  Immediately, there was a problem.  I felt the ear pieces gradually slipping out and I instantly became unreasonably frustrated and went all Rainman on the situation–holding the ear pieces while quietly chanting, “Oh…no…should never have switched….oh…not working…….no….oh…dear….oh… need my old headphones…..oh….no….should never have switched….oh….need old headphones….oh…oh… no…no…”  Not to mention,  this little ear plug dilemma only added to my standard “quirky”  (constantly adjusting my sports bra, socks,  appropriate ponytail and shoe tightness) behavior while running at the gym.

Luckily, the ear piece problem was easily solved and I  am able to use my giant old head phones with my new tiny and lovely ipod.    They work just swimmingly and are also a bit of a sweet reminder of my beloved old CD player (that–and my car door is still filled with batteries and I have piles of CD’s stacked up in the back seat.)  So yes,  I love my ipod , but will never forget my trusty old portable discman  (you know– kind of like when you have two kids that you love, but one of them is clearly better and smaller and shinier and smarter and more attractive and newer and easier to carry and magical so you love that one more, but you still bathe and feed the other one–you just don’t listen to music on it anymore) and will surely find another use for it.  Sadly, it is a trifle too large for a broach.

I am attaching “I Lost You” by The Walkmen



4 Responses to “ Notes From A Walkman Junkie: Eat My Words ”

  1. Jackson on September 30, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    something sexual about your first removal of the iPod from it’s packaging and it’s introduction to your computer. careful with the bathing and feeding of ye olde diskman. might get a Life-Alert for it, just in case.

  2. anncine on September 30, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    You think that was sexual? ;)

  3. Sara on September 30, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Being one of those children who is less ‘better and smaller and shinier and smarter and more attractive and newer and easier to carry and magical so you love that one more’, might I recommend Skull Candy headphones. Perfect for when you halt bathing me…er the other child all together.

  4. anncine on September 30, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    I just so happen to have skull headphones….I will always take care of my beloved CD player. Always. Also, I can totally empathize with you as I am the lesser of all of those things–especially the “easier to carry around and shinier.”