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America’s Next Top Model: Matthew Rolston

September 29, 2010

It’s time for your weekly dose of frivolity in the form of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 15). The episode begins with a scene that basically makes Kacey look bad.  A countless number of other girls insult her during confessional.  They imply that she is a b-word.  Kacey acts somewhat inappropriately; hosting a party for the male models and shamelessly flirting with one.  The other girls are not interested in boys like Kacey is, however, and this is definitely not up to par with the other parties on past ANTM cycles.  Looks like most just want to be a model!  (Maybe after making it abroad will the girls feel more like living it up!)

Knott’s Berry Farm
The girls go to Knott’s Berry Farm to do a photo challenge.  They need to pose as a certain emotion while riding the roller coaster The Silver Bullet.  Nigel is here to help, as is Miss Jay, sporting a topknot hairstyle.  The winner of the challenge is Liz.  Her prize: Liz gets to try to “out-fierce” Tyra.  Liz feels great winning the first challenge.  Kayla and Chris get to tag along.   They receive extra practice modeling in nude-colored underwear.   At the model house, Lexie confronts Kacey for having a sucky personality.

Shoot Through Water
At Smashbox Studios again, the girls model expensive jewelry and cozy up with various seafood forms, while posing through water.  Matthew Rolston is super hands-on and even wants to talk the girls through hair and makeup.  His comments seem focused on making the faces more symmetrical.  (Symmetry equals beauty, so my psychology studies have explained.)

Kendal is laugh-out-loud funny when she has to pose with an eel: “It was scary because for one, I don’t like seafood.”  No one’s making you eat the eel, Kendal!  Kendal still looks gorgeous.

As for the rest of the girl’s photo shoots: Kayla looks beautiful and breathtaking.  Esther exudes an unexpected movie star-like quality.  Meanwhile, Rolston seems pleased with many of the girls.  He himself has a sweet aura.  Chris impresses and acts “surprisingly [put-]together.”  Lexie struggles.  Kacey looks good and seems to be the only one who really smiles.  Jane looks cute.  Anne excels as always.  Liz acts like a diva.


Rolston thanks Tyra for the opportunity to be on the judging panel and looks super sweet and genuine.  Kacey tries on Tyra’s black stilettos to replace her metallic strappy sandals.  The judges like Kacey’s shot.  Kayla’s photo is versatile and likable.  Esther shows a great photo.  Anne’s picture “looks like Vogue Italia” to Nigel.  Everyone gushes over it.  Chris does a great job and manages to hide her high forehead.  Jane does a great job “balancing” all the photo elements but needs to extend her neck.  Chelsea has a nice shot but does too many profiles.  Rhianna’s picture fails because she has sleepy eyes and not enough emotion.  Kendal finally takes a great picture.  Chelsey does not look pretty in her picture and does not wear makeup well.  Liz’s photo is sub-par and she shows her prickly attitude.

Panel continues with the judge’s comments in deliberation.  Rolston’s comment on Ann being 6’2″: “You can break the rules, if you’re extraordinarily gifted in other ways.”  His thoughts on Rhianna: “I don’t think I can book her after this experience.”  His advice to whiny divas: “Never complain, never explain, just be it.”

It’s time for elimination.  The girls are called in the order of Ann (best picture third week in a row), then Kacey, Esther, Chris, Kendal, Lexie, Kayla, Jane, and Chelsey.  It comes down to Liz and Rhianna.  Tyra asks, Is Rhianna more than just a flower child?  Is Liz making too many excuses?  Rhianna is sent home and given a last chance to sound happy, albeit hazy, in her last confessional.

Tune in next week when the models “work it on a moving runway” and Kacey continues to annoy everyone.


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2 Responses to “ America’s Next Top Model: Matthew Rolston ”

  1. Erin on September 30, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I didn’t get a chance to watch this week’s episode yet. But great review!

  2. Maya on September 30, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you Erin!
    You can watch it at or if you DVR’d it.