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America’s Next Top Model Recap: Patricia Field

September 22, 2010

I don’t know about you, but to me, an ANTM makeover can completely change the way I feel about a model. I loved Erin of the short-girls cycle until they gave her albino brows. (No offense to albinos. Erin just looked so much cuter with her initial brunette Emma-Watson look.) A makeover can leave a girl feeling emotionally pancaked. I have a feeling tonight’s episode will feature a major meltdown. It’s episode three of ANTM, cycle 15! Spoiler alert: the eliminated girl will be revealed at the end of this article.

The girls walk into the house and see Ann’s number-one photo onscreen. Ann expresses pride on feeling special, and Lexie expresses her competitive nature via the confessional. Sara shows the other girls pictures of her son. Liz talks about her own daughter.

Terra expresses shame over being in the bottom two and swears she will not be in the bottom again.

Tyra shows up for a surprise visit. She’s looking cute wearing a beret, suspenders and orange peep-toe heels. She gets a quick house tour and gives the girls modeling portfolios, but not before giving each girl a hint at her makeover.

Lexie writes down a fake makeover list and “loses” it on the floor of the house. Liz finds her “Hair Agenda” and, thinking it’s the real thing, reads the list to everyone. Lexie pretends to cry over what the list says will be her makeover, and Esther looks seriously freaked.

Terra initiates a call home to her mom, which makes it seem like she might be eliminated soon — especially when her sister Chris says, “I don’t want her to be eliminated.” Terra, remember, already had one meltdown during episode 2′s photo-shoot.

The girls show up at Red Seagull Salon, Matthew Preece to be transformed. Ann gets dramatic, long copper-colored hair. Liz shows attitude during her dramatic, boy-style haircut. Chelsey goes to the dentist, where parts of her front teeth are shaven to make the gap bigger; she will do anything to help herself win. She also gets ice-blond hair.

Sara gets rid of the “beach-girl look” with chocolate-truffle dark hair. She also gets bleached eyebrows. But while she’s thinking of her son, the Jays label her presence “lost.”

Kendal gets a long, painful weave and looks beautiful a la Naomi Campbell. Kayla reveals that she has a girlfriend who will hate her fiery red hair. But she loves it anyway. Terra, the older, shorter sister, tears up during her haircut. Her sister wishes Terra would just suck it up, and the Jays say she isn’t working it one bit. Chris, the younger, taller sister (with the huskier voice), gets a wavy long dark weave.

Esther reminds us (via voiceover) that she is sacrificing her modern Orthodox Jewish religion to be in this competition. Her hair gets cuts and styled to a long black silky, layered look. Jane gets lighter brown hair with some extensions. She looks great and feels fierce. Rhianna gets “super long gorgeous [blond and brown] waves.” Kacey gets contact lenses. Lexie gets darker, strawberry blond hair with extensions. Jay Manuel hates Lexie’s new hair.

Surprise! Someone will be eliminated based on the makeover. It seems like this is an attitude challenge: how can you handle the makeover? Who had the most “issues?” Jay Manuel cautions the models that they are constantly being evaluated. Terra is eliminated, and surprisingly the thing she laments most is her new haircut, not the lost opportunity. Chris is understandably shocked and shaken by her sister’s dismissal.

Ann Menke is photographing the models in a fallen angels-themed photo shoot on a beach in Malibu. The models co-star with male models.

Everyone gets an emotion to go with their black angel attire. This will probably help the judges to evaluate their performance later.

Esther: “fearless;” she does badly (again).

Liz: “power/victory;”she complains constantly during her photoshoot.

Kayla: “evil;” she excels, again.

Sara: “seductive;” she struggles.

Kacey: “rebellious;” she hits on her cute costar, who looks younger than her.

Rhianna: “hopeless;” she does well

Chelsey: “mysterious;” she impresses Ann Melke.

Chris: “heartbroken;” she impresses Jay Manuel and Ann Melke.

Jane: “scorned;” she does well.

Kendal: “desire;” she doens’t connect with her word.

Ann: “longing;” she uses her body well.

Lexie: “predatorial;” she is awkward

I realize that Lexie has been shown speaking so often in this episode that she will probably go home. You had to feel sorry for her male model, getting Lexie’s foot in his chin.

The girls are tense before elimination, especially mother Sara. In the pre-judging panel, we see Tyra meeting with the other three judges, Patricia Field, Andre Leon Talley, and Nigel Barker. I love Tyra’s bright pink lipstick, pink one-sleeved dress, black leggings, and huge curly hair. She looks like a fun Barbie doll.

Strongest photos: Chelsea, Kayla, Ann, Chris

Weakest photos: Esther, Jane, Lexie, Sara, Kendall

Middle of the pack: Kacey, Liz Rhianna

Tyra reprimands the girls who as a whole did not do well. Ann gets best photo again, followed by Kayla, Chelsey, Chris, Rhianna, Liz, Jane, Kacey, Kendal, and Esther. Lexie and Sara are in the bottom two. Lexie’s “predatorial” beats out Sara’s “seductive.” Sara is eliminated based on her amateur-ballet-dancer shot. I didn’t feel too upset to see either in the bottom two. I do not expect Lexie to improve.

Best quotes: “I think it’s just my personality because it’s very hippy-like” (referring to her hair) – Rhianna

“I just don’t think it’s right. Couldn’t they have sent me home before they cut my hair rather than after?” – Terra

What did you think of the makeover episode?


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2 Responses to “ America’s Next Top Model Recap: Patricia Field ”

  1. Sook on September 26, 2010 at 2:50 am

    Good job. You understand the show and how to write for it. :)

  2. Noreen on September 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Yes, the only appropriate time for albino brows is pre-birth – I’d go for well-defined eyebrows any day.