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If Don Draper Went To College Orientation

September 17, 2010

Here’s a little something to kick off your weekend. What if Don Draper went to college orientation?

He would have his standard scotch and cigarettes, and he would most likely be a complete and utter dick to everyone.

I like the whole concept of juxtaposing Don Draper exactly as he acts and appears on Mad Men with a modern dorm community.


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One Response to “ If Don Draper Went To College Orientation ”

  1. Maya on September 18, 2010 at 1:14 am

    I actually had to do this exercise at my college orientation-at NYU. Haha. I said Marvelous Maya. I felt lame saying it though. Wow, I also did the 2 truths and a lie game at my job interview before. I enjoyed this video but I think the real Don would have made up an excuse to leave the room a long time ago!