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Absinthe Toothpicks: The Cure For The Common Crave

September 10, 2010

So you are sitting in your cubicle on Friday afternoon, and you have hours to go until you can get the hell out of dodge and hit the happy hour.

Naturally, you start craving your Absinthe fix, like everyone does.

What’s a sorry-ass such as yourself to do?  Why, whip out your secret stash of Absinthe flavored toothpicks, of course.

Sure, they are just Absinthe flavored, but they may trigger an Absinthe inspired flash-back, and (lucky you) will spend the remainder of your work day in a technicolor dream of good times.

For the uninitiated, Absinthe is a high octane anise flavored alcoholic beverage derived from various herbs, one of which is the “grande wormwood.” It usually has a light green hue. The drink has incorrectly gotten a bad rap for having psychoactive properties.

Pop culture has readily fed into this false perception, but there is no actual proof that this is the case. Johnny Depp’s troubled Scotland Yard inspector character  guzzled the green fairy juice by the gallon in From Hell.  It has also worked its way into the plots of  Dracula, Alfie, Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing, Bright Young Things, and more.

Historically speaking, the beverage was very popular among writers and artistic types in the 18th and 19th century, so of course the wicked social conservatives opposed the glorious spirit.

Absinthe was banned in the U.S. in 1915, but  made a surge as a trendy beverage of choice in the 1990′s.

Perpetual Kid is an awesome site that has your Absinthe needs covered.  Not only do they offer the toothpicks, but you can take your pick of Absinthe flavored mints, soap, lip balm, candy, gumballs, and floss. Cheers!


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