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The Ass Family Car Decal

September 9, 2010

ass family car decal

I just got back from dropping my kids off at school in the carpool lane, and these cartoon family decals are about as ubiquitous as taupe houses in the suburbs. Can you imagine if you showed up with this clever decal on the back of your car instead of the typical one that lists every family members super trendy names?

It would spark moral outrage in the masses, but a few people would secretly be delighted by the passive-aggressive display, and would be sending mental high-fives to the driver.

I like to think that the car owner was so disillusioned by having to purchase the obligatory SUV, that they woke up one morning, and realized that they just couldn’t take it anymore. The banality of  suburban existence was sucking their soul dry, and they absolutely had to make a statement of protest, however small it may be.

I wish I could think of crap like this. It’s beautiful. I salute you, Ass family  SUV driver.  I’d like to shake your hand if we ever meet.

Via Pop Hangover



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