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Random, Incoherent Mumblings

September 8, 2010

Hi there.  Oh god.  This week – in keeping with last week’s theme of general suckiness - has been a STONE BITCH.  I know.  Already?  YES.  It’s early yet and I hate to call it prematurely, but Sweet Hot Mister Mustard - things have been bad.  The four of you who read this are a smart lot and as such, I won’t insult you by submitting a half-assed effort.  Rather than bore you with my problems, I made a list of things that were potential (though ultimately abandoned) subjects for posts. (I have learned many things from The Gambler, nothing if not knowing when to fold ‘em).

See here:

-Pete Campbell’s Bitch Face (an amusing site for fans of Mad Men)

-3D Vivid White Crest toothpaste  (stupidest marketing trick ever.  I really like this brand and yet I nearly stopped using it when they added the 3D text to the label because I resent being treated like I am “touched”.  Not to hate on the trend to release everything in 3D, but toothpaste?  Really?  Your teeth exist in three dimensions.  Toothpaste exists in three dimensions.  Regardless of the whiteness or health of your teeth – they will be perceived by others in three dimensions – ergo, this is a bullshit advertising tactic).

-repeat offender (I find an astonishing amount of ripped-out hair weaves and discarded underwears when I am out and about.  I don’t know if this is a gift or a curse, but such is my lot…)

-insomnia redux (I still have insomnia and I still watch a lot of the same crap to help me fall asleep.  New additions for viewing include Wipeout.  ZZZZZZZ)

-Blow Job Santa (my brother sent me this photo over the weekend.  I believe it speaks for itself….)

And there is this wonderful find from Bargain Bin of Oblivion, which I think is as nice a way of leaving things as I am capable at this point.


One Response to “ Random, Incoherent Mumblings ”

  1. Travis on September 9, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    I enjoy your random, incoherent mumblings very much. Keep ‘em coming.