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62nd Primetime Emmys Best & Worst Winners & Losers

August 29, 2010

Aw, man. Those poor Glee kids. I can just see their sad and disappointed faces now. 19 nominations and only three wins (Jane Lynch—natch, Ryan Murphy’s Best Direction and Neil Patrick Harris in a richly deserved Guest Actor). But honestly, as big a fan as I am, I can’t honestly say, for instance, that Matthew Morrison deserved to win Lead Comedy Actor (in fact he was probably the weakest in that category). They got as much as they deserved. So. On to the real winners and losers tonight.


  1. Jimmy Fallon can’t sing and has no charisma. I never understood his appeal and certainly didn’t see it tonight. Solution: Ricky Gervais. He was far and away the best presenter—natural, at ease, likable and hilarious. His Mel Gibson bit was priceless, mostly for the perfect delivery. He made Jimmy Fallon look and sound like a piece of plyboard. Ricky Gervais for Emmy host!
  2. Those damn Twitter intros. How annoying. Unless their purpose was to point out the value of actual writers, rather than random twidiots. In which case mission accomplished.
  3. I do not like seeing John Hamm with puffy hair. Do not like. Too puffy!
  4. Ugh. Did I mention Jimmy Fallon can’t sing? He can’t play the guitar either. What’s with all his musical numbers? Could they only afford one musical guest and it had to be Jewel?
  5. Jewel. How did this woman become a music star? She’s flat on half a dozen notes and don’t get me started on her insipid song. However, I do always love the montage of people who died. How did I not know Dixie Carter died? She was relatively young, no? Someone tell me what happened!
  6. Best Comedy Writer – really? The writers of the Tony Awards show are better than Wanda Sykes? Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people would pay to see that schtick if it weren’t necessary to suffer through to get to the awards. Get over yourselves. No one would agree with this.
  7. Matthew Morrison’s declaration of heterosexuality. That was weird. Weird. I know everyone thinks he’s gay and if he’s not (which he’s said again and again that he isn’t) then I can see that he might want the record clear. But this was definitely protesting too much. Hubba hubba…or something. Was it a line he just had to read? Lame.
  8. Best Lead Actress (I’m not going to use their silly Outstanding title) – Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer. Really??? The show is dumb and if the show is dumb, you shouldn’t win. Yes, this is MHO.
  9. It really is stupid, how long this show is. Three hours??? And I was watching it on slight delay on DVR, so I could fast forward through all the commercials and speeches I didn’t care about. And it was still making me crazy. Good god. Who has the TIME???
  10. There was a lot of speculation and good will for Conan to get a little win on NBC in the Variety/Talk Show category but he did not get the pity vote. Instead, substance won out with the Daily Show, and rightly so. I say that as a Conan fan but Daily Show devotee. Like so many “fans,” I never did watch Conan, whereas I watch John Stewart most nights he’s on. In this day and age, I have little time for the irrelevant, and a huge need for the topical. That’s what did Conan in.


  1. Opening number. I probably liked it because of all the Glee kids, but I thought it made for an energetic and fun opener. Got a nice flash of nostalgia seeing the familiar black-and-red Glee outfits. But I’m done with Tina Fey. Her loser girl persona is increasingly irritating. I don’t know why she does it but I’m beginning to take it personally. Does she want to send a message that only loser girls can be funny? Stop it, Tina.
  2. Good job on all the gay family shout-outs and displays of affection tonight. A live television moment by someone you watch and admire is worth a thousand Proposition 8 protests and editorials. Especially you, Jane Lynch, with your tribute to your wife and daughter.
  3. As a woman of color, I was personally thrilled to see Archie Panjabi win for Outstanding Supporting Actress/Drama (The Good Wife, a show I have never seen). When I was growing up way back when there were no Asian people on television except the “Korean natives” (mostly played by Japanese and Chinese actors) the doctors laughed at on M*A*S*H. I’m thrilled Asians are getting cast in color-blind roles in Hollywood, and getting recognition for them too. Panjabi’s speech was not so great (“this is so amazing for my career”???), but I’ll blame that on cultural/language barriers. And I say all this despite the fact that Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men, two of my favorite actresses in one of my favorite shows, lost to Panjabi in this category.
  4. You could see John Hamm really, really wanted to win Best Lead Actor in Drama, but I was happy to see Bryan Cranston get it. That was nearly as good. Cranston is an fabulous talent, and he’s been married to his wife for 26 years, which goes a long way with me.
  5. Is Julia Ormond the most beautiful woman on earth? The woman and the dress—both stunning. Too bad her speech was a slobbery mess. Claire Danes is also dazzling, in a very patrician and straightforward way. I love how she’s never had a moment of flashiness, and her speech was intelligent and gracious. I’ve even gotten over the whole Billy Crudup incident.
  6. This is super shallow, but surely the award for best looking presenting couple of the night go to that ridiculously beautiful pair from that awful looking new show UnderCovers? I looked their names up, because they are tongue trippers: Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Boris and Gugu, you don’t need me to tell you, but you two are gorgeous. Please don’t mate and procreate. That would release some uncontrollable force upon the world, like runaway nuclear fission.
  7. Show montages—how I love them. Especially the comedy ones. Made me want to watch TV all the time, instead of half an hour or so a night. I record them, intending to watch them, but I must have hundreds of hours of backlog on the DVR. Ah, well. The montages are like revisiting old friends.
  8. Temple Grandin. Well, obviously. 5 Emmys. A huge night for the production, and for HBO. But more than that, I loved how lovely, unshy and happy the real Temple Grandin was through all of it. She jumped up the second she heard her name, nearly took over the mike from the producer, looked like a million bucks in her cowgirl outfit, and gave a lovely shout-out to her mother.
  9. Mad Men takes the win in perhaps the toughest category of the night. Against Dexter, True Blood, Good Wife, Lost and probably toughest of all, Breaking Bad. Wow. Too bad Matthew Weiner, like the other short television producer genius, Ryan Murphy, comes off as a total dick.
  10. George Clooney gets a lot of flack (from idiots) for his good-doing, but that was a great, modest, and best of all inspirational speech.

Final word: Looks like I’m going to have start watching Modern Family. Or at least give it a chance. Yikes. I’ll put it on RECORD.


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