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The Daily Froth August 19

August 19, 2010

What the hell do suppose John Mayer is hauling to the gym in that gigantic bag?  You could fit a football team in there.  Accidental Sexiness

Unlike a lot of people, I really like Jennifer Aniston. I think she is adorable, and always looks fantastic.  I saw The Switch last night, and she is just stunning.  Then I saw this un-retouched photo from a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. Yikes.  She really is human.  Allie is Wired

Janice Dickinson verbally bitch slaps Lady Gaga (somebody needs to) but calling her out for not being a good role model?  Um, Janice, have you taken a look at your face lately?  Celebitchy

You must read this headline. Boing Boing

The cycle of flossing. The Oatmeal

Ha Ha.  Here is that infamous True Blood Rolling Stone cover with Anna Paquin photo shopped out. The Superficial

Chelsea Handler will host the MTV Video Music awards.  Yay. Popeater

Damn!  Blake Lively kills it in Interview magazine.  Pink is the New Blog


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