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The Daily Froth August 17

August 17, 2010

First we had Awkward Family Photos, now there is a collection of Awkward Family Photos with pets.  I love the one with the couple holding a rabbit and a bird. Buzzfeed

Very sad.  Michael Douglas has throat cancer. The Blemish

OMG, the worst Twilight tattoo, ever.  It’s horrendous.  Pop Hangover

Justin Bieber is kind of a dick.  Popbytes

Heidi Montag’s creator died in a car wreck yesterday.  OMG

Daft Punk of the 3rd kind.  A clever little scene from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, layered with the music of Daft Punk.  Nerd Bastards

The cats are getting blamed for everything!  Mental Floss

Weeds star Hunter Parrish looks mighty fine at this photo shoot.  Yum.  Just Jared

7 terrible pizza innovations  Holy Taco



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