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The Daily Froth August 16

August 16, 2010

The phrase “the money shot” just took on a whole new meaning.  3D porn is coming right at you, soon.  Eww.  Agent Bedhead

Miley Cyrus is shopping for a “D” size boob job, so her transition to full on tramp can be complete. Allie is Wired

Jenny McCarthy is a genuine MILF.  How did she get those abs?  Mine won’t do that after having kids. :(  Celebslam

Woman has a hissy fit about having to use Starbuck’s special lingo, gets thrown out.  I hate Starbucks.  Corporate Motherfuckers. Dad’s Big Plan

Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend are going to be dads-to twins!  Gabby Babble

Barf.  Angelina Jolie will play Marilyn Monroe in a biopic.  Bad fit, in my opinion.  I’m Not Obsessed

Ass Castles are houses men have just to pull down some ass.  Here is a funny video about Ass Castles.  Manofest



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