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The Daily Froth August 13 {pancake edition}

August 13, 2010

Here’s a link to Jerry Saltz’s finale recap of Work of Art. And congratulations to Peregrine Honig for putting together such a great show for the final episode – I loved it.   NY Mag

MK12 has released a teaser out for their new short film, TELEPHONEME!  MK12

This is exactly like my own birthday.  Same drawings and everything.   5 Second Films

The images from this photography project, Your beautiful eyes,  are pretty crazy.  Photography Served

It’s been ages since their last Pot Psychology episode, but I am so happy to see Tracie and Rich back at it – now with Jersey Shore’s Jay 420 (though I have no idea who he is since I don’t watch the show – no matter!)  Jezebel

Some people really, really want to be on TV – I am not one of those people.  This woman is.  Break

This is fun, every kill in the Friday the 13th film series in chronological order, back to back – WEEEEEEEE!   Happy Friday the 13th everybody – watch out for things and stuff!!   You Tube


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