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The Daily Froth August 12

August 12, 2010

You destroy protected coral reef, have Mike Tyson be your best man at your wedding, host crack-cocaine fueled orgies on your yacht, and visit the banned country of Cuba with caked-on vomit adorning yacht.  What’s the next logical step?  Why, run for Senate, of course.  Florida candidate Jeff Greene brings hubris to a whole new level.  Gawker

Discrimination!  Employers less likely to hire someone who drinks.  F-listed

Very disturbing deer cakes.  You read that right.  Cake Wrecks

Ever had an In-n-Out Burger?  Us poor bastards in the Midwest are deprived, but this saintly foodie painstakingly has recreated the delicacy.  It’s real scientific, and shit.  Serious Eats

Awesome way a designer quit their job.  Lost at E Minor

Kelsey Grammer knocked up a 29 year old flight stewardess.  Hollywood Backwash

Sofia Vergara speaks the truth about Madonna’s plastic surgery.  I’m sure her days are numbered. Hollyscoop

Somebody thought it was necessary to paint Lady Gaga…eating a unicorn.  I love it. Jezebel

Macy’s will sell a Glee clothing line (starting this weekend.)  I call dibs on Sue’s sweatpants.  Just Jared

Wow.  Someone paid money to get a “Judge Judy” tattoo.  Epic Ponyz



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