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The Daily Froth August 6 {pancake edition}

August 6, 2010

For Iago Valentine: noted lightsaber craftsman and enthusiast.  Landstrider via Youtube

I always wanted to have one of those nut cans that you open and ’snakes’ pop out of it, but this is so much MORE BETTER.  5SecondFilms

For all my little art geeks and screen-print lovers, Goldie sent this to me and I enjoyed it – a work on process, How We Do. ( Incidentally, this is exactly the same method I use as well – down to the last scream.) Aesthetic Apparatus

So Emma Watson cut her hair the other day (Mr. Pancake was fond of her hair and sent a distraught email to me informing me of the big news).  I’m personally quite fond of short hair on girls and she has the bone structure to pull it off – the Fug Girls weigh in.  Go Fug Yourself

Today is Cookie’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Cookie!) so in her honor I am posting a video of Winston the cat refusing to eat her least favorite fruit.  Kindred spirits, these two.  Four Four

Daniel Tosh spoils Human Centipede…aaaand I still want to see it.  Comedy Central

Gavin McInnes shows us how to stay fit at home.  I have a couple of complaining weights here at the house myself and can attest to the effectiveness of his fitness plan.  Now I just need to grow out my beard and get my eyelashes in order…Street Carnage

let's all watch Mr. Adam Scott-Pancake save the world from pre-historic piranhas!

You know what is awesome about August?  Piranha 3D is being released in August, that’s what!  I can’t wait.   In case you missed it, here is some footage from Piranha 3D The Flickcast


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