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The Daily Froth August 3

August 3, 2010

Au Pair may confirm some moms’ worst fears — the nanny actually thinks you suck. Oh, and your husband hits on her”  Really interesting study collected thoughts from over 50 au pairs in Britain, and what they thought of their employers was not pretty.  Jezebel

You know when you watch a movie and see an actor that you know you have seen a million times, but you don’t know who it is?  Well, here is a list of 10 “It’s that guy!” actors.  Great list. Scene Stealers

Here’s something I don’t want to see:  a reunion of all the has been women of Baywatch in a new show called Back to the Bay.  From the photo, it appears none of the women can move their faces anymore.  Flisted

The trailer for a movie called Catfish has me completely enthralled.  The movie was a hit at Sundance, and I am dying to know what the mystery is.  Looks awesome.  Watch the trailer. Film Junk

8 ways people humilitate themselves via their pets. Guyism

Katy Perry is on the cover of Rolling Stone in her underwear.  God, this bitch really is everywhere, isn’t she?  Hollywood Backwash

Horrifying.  Look what Lara Flynn Boyle has done to her face. Lainey Gossip

25 great moments in bathroom graffiti history. Manofest

Some really sick things people have done to save money. Gross. Consumerist



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