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The Daily Froth July 29

July 29, 2010

These paintings are so realistic that they absolutely blow my mind. I can’t believe that anyone can paint that well.  Amazing, click on “paintings” and scroll through them. Roberto Bernardi

Facebook stalking after breakups: A sign of the times?  i09

Katie Price is still demure, praise be. Hollywood Tuna

Harry Potter is 21!  Well, Daniel Radcliffe is, anyway. Allie is Wired

Why does Tara Reid keep doing this to us? Celebrity Smack

25 Celebrities who are robbing the cradle. Gunaxin

Not sure this needs to exist, but Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, and a few other guys from Scott Pilgrim strip down in a pretty funny photo spread in GQ Magazine.  Daily Fill

Does anyone else find it egregious that a nine year old has her own stylist?  Can you imagine what a brat Willow Smith is going to grow into?  Celebitchy

Lars Von Trier promises “no more happy endings” when it comes to his new movie, Melancholia.  Thank god, because Antichrist ended on far too cheery of a note. /Film



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