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The Daily Froth July 27 {emergency pancake edition}

July 27, 2010

I have a huge fondness for cut-paper arts – this is the trailer for an animated short called The Eagleman Stag, I can’t wait – it’s going to be gorgeous.  Mikey Please

Also beautiful?  Going West by Andersen M Studio  The NZ Book Council

Also, also?  This animated short from Michel Ocelot from 1979, Extrait de ‹ Les Trois Inventeurs ›

For our film lovers – 35 movies in one minute! 35 MM  Coilhouse

For those of us who missed SDCC, here is Matt Fraction’s excellent The Batman Dreams of Hieronymus Machines on vimeo.   Chad Collier

Aaaaaand we have The Absence of the Towels, because I like to keep it CLASSY 5 Second Films


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