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The Bachelorette: The Justin Debacle

July 27, 2010

Famewhore Justin

So last night we got treated to the requisite “men tell all” episode, and not much was revealed that we didn’t already know.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Justin is a jerk (more on this later in the post.)
  • Kasey tried to deflect the crazy.  Actually, I don’t think he is really nuts.  I think he is young, naive, and misguided.  I kind of felt sorry for him, but the audience seemed to be protective of him.  He was a class act after being forced to watch himself serenade Ali (again) only to have her respond with *crickets*.
  • The Weather Man did not seem to be well liked.  No one got behind him last night, which was telling about what the house collectively thought of him.  A bit of a surprise to me.
  • Craig emerged as house spokesman.  He talked a lot last night, and the men gave him the table, so he must have been well respected.  Looks like he might have had more charisma than what we saw on camera.
  • Kirk-oh cute, sweet Kirk.  He still looked pretty torn up, didn’t he?  You can tell he is a crowd favorite, and logic dictates that he would be a good Bachelor, but after last night I think he might be too sensitive for all this.  I think the Hollywood machine would chew him up and spit him out, and I would hate to see that happen.
  • Frank was defended by his castmates.  Again, color me surprised.  He must be one hell of a guy if these fellas didn’t throw him to the wolves.  Next week should be very interesting.

Those are just  a few observations, but what I really, really want to talk about is the whole Justin situation.  More specifically, his girlfriend Jessica, and why everyone is painting her as victim. The hell?  How is she a victim?  Wouldn’t it be more apropos to call her a pimp?

Let’s recap.  A few episodes back, Ali gets a phone call from Jessie (a castmate and friend from The Bachelor) saying that she has information that someone on the show has a girlfriend.  It is revealed that Jessie received a call from one Jessica who professed that she had been dating Justin for over two years, and she had agreed to let him go on the show to better his career as a wrestler.

Isn’t that kind of like agreeing to let him sleep with other women, as long as he gleans some sparkly spotlight in the process?  Everyone knows that if you end up in the top three (Justin’s goal) there is a good chance that sexy times will be taking place.  Somehow, I doubt that Justin would have turned down the opportunity, had it arisen.

Jessica was willing to pimp him out, pure and simple.  The only reason she didn’t let him follow through with the charade was because she found out he was cheating on her with yet another woman, revealed to be Kimberly.  Guess how he got busted?  Facebook.  When will people ever learn?

What bothers me is that is seems that Jessica never would have ratted out Justin if she hadn’t found out about Kimberly.  Now, she wants everyone to feel sorry for her. To be clear, she was fine with Justin screwing over Ali and lying on national television, until she found out about Kimberly.

I can’t believe everyone (including Ali) kept saying how bad they felt for her, and what a jerk Justin was.  SHE KNEW!  She bares equal responsibility in the whole matter.  It’s not like he snuck off for two months without telling her what he was doing.

Furthermore, he contacted her throughout the taping of the show. I thought everyone was sequestered. How did he get a phone? Makes me really question the producers of the show.  I know that it is mostly fabricated, but with all the background checks they do, how hard would it be to discover the guy has two girlfriends?

They had to have known. It’s been a ratings coup. ABC has consistently won its time slot on Monday nights, drumming up modest numbers in the dog days of the summer television wasteland.

So, am I way off base on Jessica, or do you agree?



2 Responses to “ The Bachelorette: The Justin Debacle ”

  1. lisa on July 28, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    I won;t throw her under the bus, but she is not a victim. I have a hard time believing she was really upset;pissed off maybe. It sounds like Justin was dating two girls in non exclusive relationships. Girls, dating does not mean you own the rights to a guy even if he says maybe one day. Get mad at Tiger Woods or John Edwards!!! I am a mom and I would be proud to have this Justin as a son. As for hurting Ali–oh please. Only one couple from this show as succeeded- so for a guy to think he will be back is not exactly shocking. Everyone who goes on this show has something to gain this includes lawyers, doctors, weathermen, want to be singers, salesmen and women, models, wrestlers, scriptwriters and anyone who wants to be noticed!

  2. Shannon on July 28, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    @lisa, I can’t really disagree with your points, but I would not be proud to be his mother. He whored himself out, pure and simple. Ewww.