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The Daily Froth July 23 {pancake edition}

July 23, 2010

Fourfour has a new  Terrible-Hunting up, this time it’s Chloe - which I haven’t seen, but now I must.   Four Four

In the spirit of Superheroes and Friendship and SDCC 2010, I would like to direct you to this exclusive interview with our good pal Matt Fraction by our good friends at the Flickcast!  The Flickcast

And keeping it in the family,  Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction made the best out of the worst -  the worst being Fred Phelps and the WBC.  Bask in the AWESOME Kelly Sue DeConnick

Annnnnnnd for those of us not in San Diego enjoying the Comiccon, Pajiba breaks it down for us.  Pajiba

Consider this fair warning, I think fake barf is super funny.  Meet Paul!  5 Second Films

Speaking of which, I loved this I Love You, Man Behind the Vomit clip – Barf cannon!  Break

Is it my birthday?  It feels like my birthday – right here we have a woman actually barfing during a wedding video – MAGIC!  (Hey, I like what I like…)  Jezebel

Schadenfreude!  Courtesy of my dear friend Goldie, your Fall of the Day! You Tube

Oh how I loved this when I first heard it – Dave Chappelle IS Fisticuffs.  Turn them shits up!  GoogTube



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