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The Daily Froth July 19

July 19, 2010

This video of a Martial Artist performing some insane moves is pretty cool.  Gymnasts don’t have anything on this guy’s athleticism.  Dorkly

I want!   Awesome wine goblet holds an entire bottle of wine!  Now you can say you only had one glass of wine and you will not be lying.  For sale on Amazon.  I’m buying as soon as I get these links done. Dlisted

Our pals at Dad’s Big Plan have a trailer for a Dora the Explorer Inception mashup. Dad’s Big Plan

How to pick your butt in public.  Very handy reference guide.  Holy Taco

25 disgusting meat products.  Manofest

Looks like the SyFy channel has another classic on its hands.  Watch the craptastic trailer for Sharktopus. You won’t be sorry.  Pop Watch

The cast of the next Celebrity Rehab is shaping up, and batshit crazy bitch Janice Dickinson is going to be on it! Socialite Life

18 year old singer Charice just got botox and an anti-aging procedure prior to an appearance on Glee. Thank goodness, she looked so haggard and old. The Blemish

So, Mel Gibson’s family is standing behind him, including his ex-wife, saying he was goaded into his racial slurs.  Sounds like group denial to me.  The Superficial

This Indiana Jones tribute video made the twitter rounds this weekend, and I just love it.  Enjoy!



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