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The Daily Froth July 16 {pancake edition}

July 16, 2010

-Sweet Potato Waffles – this baby preacher is almost as good as watching Metallica shredz.  I am weeping. You Tube

- Ah the perils of  internet dating. 5 Second Films

-There is a strong possibility that you have already heard at least one of Mel Gibson’s raging, horrifying rants by now.  In truth, the only way I could bring myself to listen to any of it was after some clever person mashed it up with Christian Bales’ volatile verbal assault of yore (one which seems positively harmless by comparison).  I cringe.  Movie Gods Live

-The incomparable Cleolinda Jones has another Movies In 15 Minutes up.  This time she takes on Eclipse and it is worth your time.  BELIEVE.  Occupation: Girl

-I don’t know where you live, but it’s been so hot here in the Missouri – I have considered wearing tissue paper in lieu of actual garments to keep from expiring of heat stroke.  Consummate improver of things and Maker of Awesome, Kelly Framel, has a much better – and prettier – idea, check out her most recent DIY post!  Now, where is my sewing machine?  The Glamourai

I thought that I was unobservant – remarkably, a man on the HSN mistakes a moth for a horse.  Look at that big, bushy tail! Schleppo

There is not a thing about Hilah Johnson I don’t love.  She’s funny, she’s cute, she’s stylish and she cooks my favorite foods (Migas!  Tacos Pastor!) I love her and want to make her my imaginary wife and we can swap closets and braid each others’ hair and drink Sangritas and discuss the wonder that is the taco.  Check out her cooking website and prepare yourself.  Hilah Cooking!

-This oldie but goodie once made me laugh so hard, I actually didn’t think I was going to make it.  People were concerned and my brain stopped receiving oxygen for about two full minutes.  Since I brought it up. let us enjoy one of my favorite things to ever grace the internets – Metallica shredz!  You Tube




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