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The Daily Froth July 15

July 15, 2010

Kelsey Grammar did not sign a  prenup  back in the day, so he might literally be living off of “tossed salad and scrambled eggs”  after he pays his ex wife her share of the goods.  Dlisted

Yay, Pajiba has its 10 most bangable celebrities list out today.  Lookey!   Pajiba

Great, now Twilight fans are paying oral surgeons to give them fang veneers.  Allie is Wired

One of O.J.’s lawyers is now representing Lindsay.  Celebrity Smack

Scientists discover that the chicken did in fact come before the egg. Gamma Squad

Argentina legalizes same sex marriage.  Pink is the new blog

Shauna Sand completely ignores child; makes out with boyfriend in the ocean.  Nice.  The Blemish

Holy hell!  What happened to Katie Price’s face here?  Splash

Betty White is coming to Community.  That bitch is everywhere! Warming Glow

Finally, your video for today: The Social Network trailer.  I didn’t have much interest in this movie about the beginnings of Facebook, but this trailer has me all kinds of intrigued.  How about you?



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