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The Daily Froth July 9 {pancake edition}

July 9, 2010

No one writes better about Twilight than Cleolinda Jones – her take on the recent installment of the film franchise, Eclipse, is a TREASURE. Occupation: Girl

So, this week I wrote about viewing House for the first time, it was an experience, to be sure.  Rich over at FourFour did a far superior job summarizing the magic of House, I implore you to check it out! FourFour

The thing about Jared Leto is…I just don’t like him.  I loved My So Called Life and felt like Angela Chase had a reasonable crush on Jordan Catalano if only because she was 15 and who among us didn’t make a terrible romantic choice at that age?  I haven’t liked Leto in anything else since then (he just oozes Ass Hat, no?) and so I laughed really, really hard at this.  Go Fug Yourself

A few months back, I thought it would be a good idea to teach my 3 1/2 year old how to properly execute a somersault.  The results of this lesson involved me spending weeks with a massage therapist trying to put my head, neck and spine back in order.  The fellas at 5 Second Films have a crack at it.  5 Second Films

I know I just posted a 5 second film, but this one is The One. 5 Second Films

Reductive drawing street art by Alexander Orion.  I think it’s pretty great.  You Tube



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