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The Daily Froth July 7

July 7, 2010

Yay, another cartoon from the Oatmeal.  This time on minor differences that are not that minor at all.  Enjoy.  The Oatmeal

What with everything being so “green” nowadays, Kleenex flips the bird at the movement and introduces disposal hand towels for your bathroom.  You Just Made My List

At least Lindsay Lohan was respectful toward the judge in court.  Wait, scratch that.  Yeeeah!

Stupid new alcohol novelty trick: the arm crush.  Urlesque

Star in your own Mad Man episode! (well, on Jib Jab, but still.) The Flickcast

The Machete trailer, remade with legos!  Screen Junkies

This is very NSFW, but it is highly creative and well done.  Some body painting utilizing some naughty bits to add to the authenticity. Buzzfeed

Nerd art:  art inspired by Stanley Kubrick.  Very cool.  Nerd Bastards



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