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The Daily Froth July 6

July 6, 2010

This man flips the hell out over spotting a double rainbow.  It’s cool and all, but pipe down a tad.  The Huffington Post

For everyone  miserable with their job:  The top 10 “I quit”  movie scenes.  Scene Stealers

Cool stop-motion short “I am beautiful”  featuring a starfleet comander. Dad’s Big Plan

Scott Pilgrim plushie toys. Epic Ponyz

Lady Gaga has it backwords.  You are supposed to act like a lady publicly, and let your freak flag fly in the privacy of your own home, not the other way around.  Allie is Wired

Someone is actually going to marry Joe Francis, the “Girls Gone Wild” sleazebag.  Celebrity Smack

I, for one, do not see it.  Colin Farell might play Ozzy Osbourne in a biopic. Cinematical

David Duchovny, sans shirt.  Just Jared

My husband sent me a link to this video called “Dad Life” and it is pretty funny.  Enjoy!



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