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The Daily Froth July 2 {pancake edition}

July 2, 2010

In the immortal words of Tenacious D, “Friendship is rare, do you know what I’m sayin’ to you?  Friendship is rare.”  Dr. Steve Brule explores the daunting task of making new friends and asks a question near and dear to my heart, “Why don’t I have any?”  Adult Swim

It’s a bit early, but in the spirit of celebrating the fourth of July, Johnny Quickdeath reminds us to cherish our freedom.   5 Second Films

The witty ladies of Go Fug Yourself have created a slide show demonstrating the sartorial devolution of young Taylor Momsen – who, believe it or not, actually started out looking rather fresh-faced, age-appropriate and clean.  NY Magazine

Jason Hackenwerth here makes some pretty spectacular balloon art, BELIEVE - do yourself a favor and check out his site!  Jason Hackenwerth

The 100 greatest movie insults compiled into a supercut by Harry Hanrahan - enjoy!   Pajiba

An old but much cherished clip of David Sedaris entreating us to his incomparable Billie Holiday impersonation.  I love him.   You Tube



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