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Crabbygirlz ‘Scopes of the Week

June 28, 2010

Aries [March 21 - April 19]
You’ve got the world on a string. What? That’s know what you wanted to hear?

Taurus [April 20 - May 20]
Throw your hands in the air. Wave ‘em ’round like you just don’t care [once you've checked the perimeter for breakables].

Gemini [May 21 - June 20]
Sweeping things under the rug is advised. Especially if those things are hairballs and oreo crumbs, you slob.

Cancer [June 21 - July 22]
It takes two to make a thing go right. And wrong, too.

Leo [July 23 - August 22]
Something unbelievable is about to happen. You’d better believe it.

Virgo [August 23 - September 22]
Like a kitten on a tree on a poster on the wall of your 3rd grade classroom, hang in there.

Libra [September 23 - October 22]
Something’s fishy. And it’s not the sushi. But go ahead and pick some up while you’re pondering wtf is up.

Scorpio [October 23 - November 21]
Something wicked this way comes. Wicked cool.

Sagittarius [November 22 - December 21]
Put your right arm in, put your right arm out, put your right arm in and shake it all about. What? Too hokey for you?

Capricorn [December 22 - January 19]
Laugh and the world laughs with you this week. Cry and you cry alone. Thank God, because you look like crap when you cry.

Aquarius [January 20 - February 18]
All you have to do is give Humpty a chance.

Pisces [February 19 - March 20]
Your a-ha moment is someone else’s un-uh moment. Uh-oh.


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