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The Daily Froth: June 25 {Pancake Edition}

June 25, 2010

This is why I don’t play Frisbee.   Well, one of them anyway.  5 Second Films

Lately I have been thinking it was time to bring the joy of having a dog back to my household - this seems like a fine idea.  The UCB Midnight Show (You Tube)

Hey Fella!  Do you like D&D?  This is for you, I hope it makes you giggle.  Blame Society Films

By now all of you have seen the Shake Weight commercial, but have you seen the DVD of the Shake Weight commercial?  I think the girl in the pink tank top is in on it…. SNL

Oh my goodness. SIXTEEN YEAR OLD Taylor Momsen here is on Gossip Girl.  I have assumed for two years now that it was her stylist on the show giving the SIXTEEN YEAR OLD the trashy clothes, ratty extensions and excessive eye-makeup – but seeing as she willfully goes out styled like this on her own time leads me to conclude that the SIXTEEN YEAR OLD not only wants to look like this in public, but that she doesn’t have a mother.  That the SIXTEEN YEAR OLD insists on leaving the house in little more than her underwear also concerns me.  Did I mention that she is SIXTEEN YEARS OLD?   My blood pressue keeps going up.  Anyways, the incomparable Fug Girls have documented her transition from fresh-faced, gold-spun ingenue to a bedraggled, Courtney Love-inspired gutter-punk.  Go Fug Yourself

All your favorite dinosaurs are wrong.  Today’s Big Thing


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