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Crabbygirlz ‘Scopes of the Week

June 21, 2010

Aries [March 21 - April 19]
Quit worrying about your bra cup and watch the World Cup.

Taurus [April 20 - May 20]
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Get your eyes checked.

Gemini [May 21 - June 20]
Don’t drink and drive. But it’s totally okay if someone drives you to drink.

Cancer [June 21 - July 22]
It’s summer time, and the living is easy. You don’t have to be, though.

Leo [July 23 - August 22]
Do what you want. And who you want.

Virgo [August 23 - September 22]
What goes up, must come down. I’m not talking about your tube top.

Libra [September 23 - October 22]
If at first you don’t succeed, screw it.

Scorpio [October 23 - November 21]
Just because your talent is natural, doesn’t mean everything has to be.

Sagittarius [November 22 - December 21]
Quit it with the high strung already. Opt for low key, even if it’s out of tune with your friends.

Capricorn [December 22 - January 19]
Experience is the best teacher. Looks like you’ll be staying after school.

Aquarius [January 20 - February 18]
A change suits your needs. Hint: your suit needs to change.

Pisces [February 19 - March 20]
If you don’t get off on the right foot with someone, it’s okay to write them off – just watch for where they opt to put their foot.


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