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The Daily Froth: June 18 {Pancake Edition}

June 18, 2010

For all you fortuitous fancy phone owners with your special apps and what not.  5 Second Films

Ahhhh hahahahahhahaha!  Christina Aguilera has always struck me as kind of an asshat.  The incomperable Fug Girls call her out for her shameless copy-cattery so that we can all huff the fumes of her palpable desperation! Go Fug Yourself

Dr. Steve Brule explores the science of beauty.  I want the number of his make-up artist.  Adult Swim

Who wants to watch something horrifying?  Pickle Surprise!  thebonefish

The participants of this global collective art project draw a portrait of The Man in Black {Johnny Cash that is, not Mocke from LOST}, each individual portrait becomes a single frame of this film - and the resulting piece just melted my face.  Really gorgeous and haunting.  The Johnny Cash Project

I have yet to sample the French-Canadian delicacy that is Poutine, but now I know how to make it at home!  Cooking with Gerry – Episode #2: Poutine.  Film Junk

We are at our week’s end, let us celebrate the occasion by watching a kitten in a top hat!  You Tube



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