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The Daily Froth June 17

June 17, 2010

Oh no! Harrison Ford is officially off the market. I’ll be wearing black all day in mourning. Girls Talkin’ Smack

Katy Perry is classy.  I can’t believe I said that, but since she wore underwear with a short skirt, and no one else manages to, she deserves props. WWTDD

Very cool X-Ray pin-up calendar. UFunk

That stupid bitch who crashed the Obama party got rewarded for her national security breach by getting a spot on Real Housewives.   Warming Glow

Poster: Why summer festivals suck. City Rag

If you were running a protein shake company, do you think it would be a good idea to hire Lindsay Lohan?  She is the antithesis of healthy.  Smooth move, Muscle Milk.  Celebrity Odor

Lance Armstrong is pissed over a photoshop job on his cover of Outside Magazine.  It really is pretty lame. Celebitchy

What it’s like to own an Apple product.  The Oatmeal

The 5 biggest dicks of the last 20 years. Pajiba



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