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The Daily Froth June 15

June 15, 2010

Those wacky Japanese are at it again.  They are perfecting creepy robot babies. Gamma Squad

Oh please let this be true.  Perez Hilton is in hot water and could go to jail for tweeting photos of Miley Cyrus’s lady parts. Celebitchy

Here’s some idiots trying to park a jet ski in the back of a van.  They deserve what comes next.  Gizmodo

Funny parody video for Piece of Sh*t clothing line.  The perfect clothing for the bluetooth wearing, energy drink swill douche on the block.  Funny or Die

Six foot Jesus statue in Ohio is struck by lightning and burns to the ground.  Oh, the irony. Huffington Post

Eva Mendes is looking mighty hot on the cover of W magazine. Daily Stab

Police sketches that look like celebrities. Pop Hangover

Soccer finally comes out of the closet.  The Onion

Hmm, so this is certainly interesting.  Did Al Gore have an affair with Larry David’s ex-wife, who happens to be a huge environmentalist? NY Daily News



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