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The Daily Froth June 14

June 14, 2010

Finally, those Starbucks bastards are going to offer free Wi-Fi.  It’s about time.  Boing Boing

A gallery of douchey guys with popped collars. Caveman Circus

January Jones is in a bit of trouble over a hit and run incident.  Celebslam

Check out these super cool pancakes.  Urlesque

Animals that give high fives. Uncoached

Katy Perry poured herself into a plastic dress for the World Cup.  The Beer Goggler.

Timothy Olyphant is looking hot with his salt and pepper hair.  Love it.  SOMG

If you didn’t see Get Him To The Greek, you must watch this music video from it.  Hysterical, sick and wrong.

Ring Round the Rosey – watch more funny videos


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