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The Daily Froth: June 11 {Pancake Edition}

June 11, 2010

If you haven’t already seen Ralph Macchio in Wax On, Fuck Off – do yourself a favor and watch this link post haste.  Sweet Summer Sausage, I think I have a new imaginary boyfriend now.  Stay golden, Pony Boy. Funny or Die

BARF!   {No, for realz. Proceed with caution.} Total Pro Sports

Goldie Dearest has passed this nugget of funny along to me…it’s too stupid to describe, I can only say that the truth about apple juice is it makes me sick.  Day Job Orchestra

Oh, 5 Second Films, you never fail to make me choke on my coffee.  5 Second Films

I love Blonde Redhead.  This is an older viddy directed by Mike Mills featuring Miranda July.  Pretty!  You Tube

I recently discovered that I love Les Stroud of Survivorman.  A Canadian survival expert and film-maker,  he enters the wilderness alone for seven days time and films the experience himself – lugging all of the camera equipment, I might add.  Self-deprecating and always quick to admit mistakes, Mr. Stroud keeps his dignity intact, treating wildlife and the land around him with the utmost respect.  {Also, I have never once seen him needlessly consume his own urine *cough * Bear Grylls *cough*} In short, he is a boatload of AWESOME.  You Tube via The Discovery Channel

So, Stephanie Meyer has written a short novel about one of the {very} minor characters found in in Eclipse, “newborn” vampire Bree Tanner. Being marketed as a special gift to Twilight fans, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner has been recapped by the incomparable Cleolinda Jones.  {Also, $1 from each book sold is donated to the Red Cross.}  Occupation: Girl

My good friends Stuart and Katy Murr are riding their bikes across America.  With their two toddler children. I think it’s all kinds of AWESOME and they have kindly agreed to let me interview them over the next couple of weeks as they make their way across the United States.  In the interim, here is a link to their site:  Murrs Across America

"I'm 48 years old!"

And here is a video profile of the family!



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