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The Daily Froth June 8

June 8, 2010

LMAO.  Hilarious recording of a phone call from a lady who is not tech savy who apparently had her mind blown when google had that pac-man game up for 24 hours.  Poor tech support.  Gamma Squad

Unfortunate clothing choice for yearbook photo. Guyism

This video of a dog playing with a baby is just adorable.  Regretful Morning

Dakota Fanning is all grown up on the Vanity Fair cover.  The Beer Goggler

I am embarrassed for every one involved in this “rapping weatherman” segment on a news shame.  SOMG

Yankee Candles inspired by the characters of Sex in the City. (satire)  Pop Hangover

This video about facebook sabotaging relationships is pretty funny. It goes on a bit long, but so true.



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