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Voodoo Dating: Thursday I’m in Love

June 4, 2010

Body painting by Matt Huntley. Photography by Sara Almirall

This Thursday (last yesterday for my Readers), I will have photographed an Erotic Art Show at Ron Jeremy’s Gallery Sesso. Fellow Frothy Girl, Matt Huntley hooked me up with this gig and I’m pretty geeked to shoot textures, itchy model movements, toning lights on body shapes, etc. If the situation is something I’ve never done and involves multiple mediums, you can bet your bottom (heh heh) dollar I’ll most likely be there.

I believe I’m pretty fortunate in that I honestly appreciate the human body (thank you seven years of Art School) for the ways it can be altered and displayed. I also believe I’m pretty talented in observing/twisting/arguing my point and usually coming out on top regarding body types featuring artistic displays or erotic enhancements. (I would unearth ye olde argument of face surgery vs. total body tattooing and what really is the difference as the two are both creative feats, but that=another discussion for another time.)

Regardless, I have no qualms on almost any type of Art and things get very hairy & weedy for me around people who do. Those who feel animatedly uncomfortable with certain types of Art, but merely punctuated with, ‘It’s wrong’ make me tired. Likewise, the people who get strangled with tradition and refuse to appreciate the colours, opportunities, and changes in their relationships make me equally tired.

I am quite plausibly a five-out-of-ten in the scholarly knowledge department, but I do have a farthing of common sense when it comes to breaking down my own relationships. First off, I believe if you’re going to ‘love’ someone, you really have to love (and by ‘love’ I mean accept) all parts of them. I don’t have to like all parts of the person I dig, but I love who they are overall. So, if a potential opium hunger, affection for monkeys, and a wardrobe not unlike Darth Vader’s is it…than giddy-up. In turn, if I’m gonna hang out with the body painting crew, take a few flotos, volunteer to be painted myself, that’s my bag. You might not like it, but you might have to learn to lump it.

Secondly, you can’t trust someone only halfway if you claim to ‘love’ them. (Or, at least you shouldn’t.) This rarely works out and life begins to don a huge headache attempting to remember the things you can and cannot trust about your partner. Believe me, it’s exhausting, and shouldn’t you & your partner be able to corner the miscellaneous trusts, wrangle them in, and combine them to form the all-powerful Oz? My Ozervation is ‘yes.’ (But I’m pretty optimistic these years, so take me with a grain of Lemon Pepper.)

Basically, in Art there’s life, in wine there’s truth, and in relationships there should be an understanding that the affection you have for each other is genuine. While true affection may not always seem visibly apparent (like the pre face surgery or tattoo placement), trust that it is and see if you can learn to accept all parts of it before claiming ‘it’s wrong’.


2 Responses to “ Voodoo Dating: Thursday I’m in Love ”

  1. HazzMatt on June 4, 2010 at 10:04 am

    The body painting exhibit was a thrill ride, and I’ll see about doing a write up now that it’s over. These things take quite a bit out of you leading up to them.

    As for your article… I agree whole heatedly. it’s also important to remember stop and appreciate your lovely once a day (at least). you don’t have to say anything to them (although that’s always nice but can get clingy), but try and take a moment to just notice and appreciate one quality for your partner.

  2. Sara on June 4, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    I appreciated mine twice this morning; )