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The Daily Froth: Pancake Edition

June 4, 2010

I have been procrastinating and watching an embarrassing amount of crap to avoid my adult responsibilities. This video (brought to my attention by the inimitable Anne) really speaks to me. The Grickle Store

All – and maybe more – the Steve Brule you could ever want or wish for. Brules Rules

My friend Goldie recently brought this artist to my attention – his cosmonaut paintings melt my face off and make me want to wallow in my own tears, his work is sooooo good.  I WANT ONE.  Jeremy Geddes

Personally, I am really looking forward to the Piranha 3-D movie.  This one, however, not so much.  Behold, the trailer for Mega Piranha: Mega Piranha

I exist in a universe in which I can be inexplicably fond of Katie Price while I loathe the likes of Heidi Montag. They are both addicted to plastic surgery, both women have a prediliction for bright pink, velour sweat suits,  both have a pathological need for fame and attention and neither seem, shall we say, terribly intellectually curious.  I guess I like Katie Price because she seems to have a good sense of humor about herself and a self-deprecating perspective on her own ridiculousness.  Anyways, the Fug Girls posted their take on Montag’s recent “separation” from her odious “husband”.   Go Fug Yourself

Tracie at posted a lovely tribute to Rue McClanahan yesterday.  May she rest in peace with all the cheesecake a girl could eat.  Jezebel


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