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The Daily Froth June 1

June 1, 2010

RIP, Dennis Hopper.  Here’s a link to a great obituary.  Guardian UK

Wow, I guess there is actually a sport called “ferret legging.”  Basically, you put a ferret down your pants and…well, just watch the video. Neatorama

Well, this is super mean, so of course I am going to link to it.   Attractive celebrities and their not-so-attractive mates.  Uproxx

Sad news for Ted Koppel.  His adult son died after a drinking binge.  Hot Momma Gossip

Inspired by Prince of Persia, here are 22 bad movie haircuts. EW

Madonna wants $200,000 more of plastic surgery for her birthday.  I think we’ve got the new Joan Rivers. Celebitchy

Eww.  Did Jack Nicholson ask out Jessica Simpson?  You go, grandpa! Bitten and Bound

Heidi Montag might have come to her senses and left Spenser Pratt.  Daily Fill



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