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The LOST Finale: No.

May 26, 2010

I don’t want to sound like the Worst Episode Ever guy, but I was disappointed in the LOST finale.  In truth, I was not terribly invested in the show by it’s final season, so I feel like I went into it with fairly reasonable expectations – which is to say - almost none.  I really didn’t expect to have all of the plot lines and mysteries tied-up in the end, just maybe some of the more significant ones - I hoped that I would enjoy it and I guess I expected that I would.  I was grievously mistaken.

LOST had so many things going for it during it’s run.  It tackled interesting concepts like time travel, infertility issues and philosophical debates about faith vs. science and fate vs. free-will in the story lines.   The show developed compelling characters with believable relationship issues, no easy feat given the implausible situations they found themselves in.  I mean, it had a monster - made of smoke – as silly as all that sounds, having a SMOKE EFFING MONSTER on your show will only make me love you more.  And I did love it.  I think it was a great show that had some fantastic and memorable episodes - as well as some real stinkers – but I wouldn’t dare judge a show’s entire worth by a single dud or two.  But here’s the thing.  One of those duds, the ante-penultimate episode, “Across the Sea”, was the one I disliked most of all*.  Unfortunately, the final episode paid more service to it than any other in the series.  It was frustrating to have six seasons’ worth of mystery, intrigue, emotional investment and so on be summarized by what was essentially a prolonged and more confusing version of Touched By An Angel.  “Across the Sea” felt tacked on when it aired – clunky, dim-witted and heavy-handed, and so it pained me to have that weak and shitty episode play such a crucial role in the LOST universe.

Finally,  I want it known that I am not entirely incapable of appreciating a romantic gesture or storyline, lest I sound like a withered, bitter, old crone.  However,  I felt like LOST took rather cheap and manipulative shots to generate emotional responses from the audience by replaying montages from older episodes when the Sideways storyline characters first became aware of their island existences.  I got extremely bored of watching Clip Show:  The Finale – with it’s endless moments of characters reconnecting with people after a touch by a significant other from the island triggers memories of their time spent there.  The emotional reactions those moments were intended to garner just didn’t resonate with me, I felt like they were repetitive and as such, completely lost their impact and meaning.

I am not besmirching those of you who enjoyed this device or felt genuine emotion when you watched it (a lot of people whom I respect loved it - Tracie at wrote a great recap for the episode - even if I don’t agree with it.) I am simply stating that I didn’t care for the last episode of a show that I watched for six years.  I didn’t come all this way to have it end like this.

*To be fair, I never saw the Paulo/Nikki episode and only bits of the Bai Ling/Jack’s goofy tattoo episode.  (Word on the street is, them shits is terrible).


One Response to “ The LOST Finale: No. ”

  1. Tiffany on May 28, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Thank you for that, Jane! When my mom asked me if I “cried and cried and cried” while I watched it, I thought something must have been wrong with me! I watched it with a friend and we both had the same reaction- WTF? I definitely felt like I had invested a lot of time and energy to this show, and then to have it all easily explained away by being someone’s in-between life?! OK, I’m done ranting.