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The Daily Froth: Pancake Edition

May 21, 2010

I do so love 5 Second Films.  Magic Show Volunteer remains one of my favorites of the bunch – though you may want to skip it if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.  5 Second Films

Crafty!  Ghada Amer creates embroidered erotic images on painted canvas using a technique that is traditionally associated with quaint things –  like flowers and snowflakes on decorative pillows and Christmas stockings.  I think they’re pretty great.  Vaginae!  The Daily Beast

I couldn’t agree more.  Linda Holmes is not approaching the finale of LOST with a list of demands – check out her Monkey See post to find out why. npr

Speaking of LOST (my apologies to Nat), Tracie of reminds us of those who are gone and possibly forgotten.  Quite a bit of bloodshed on this show, it turns out.  Jezebel

Jessica of Go Fug Yourself weighs in (not a pun) on Mischa Barton’s recent flirtation with what appears to be the entire contents of a M.A.C. store on her face.  It isn’t pretty (kind of a pun?)  Go Fug Yourself

Celine Dion is still amazing…or at least, she is very, very entertaining.  fourfour

Our friends at The Documentary Blog review Hot Docs 2010!  The Documentary Blog

In honor of my beloved Desmond Hume, a compilation video - made by a wonderful person who is not me - of him saying, “brotha”.  It’s good times.  You Tube


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