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The Daily Froth May 14 (as interpreted by Pancake)

May 14, 2010

So, when Shannon asked me to handle the Daily Froth for today, I thought, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  What could be more fun than looking up crap on the internets all day and posting links to it?  I totally do that anyway!”  Well dears, I must tip my hat to Mrs. Frothy because it isn’t as easy as it looks.  The consequence of my helming the Froth, as it were, is that I am linking you to things that I like that may or may not be terribly current.  Also, I’m sorry.

-Check It Out!  With Dr. Steve Brule – Adult Swim

-Working under the assumption that you have seen the Beatbox Dog on the internets, please enjoy this inspired mash-up – You Tube

-I am not a  good dresser.  Every year I swear that I will make an effort to look less like a toddler and more  like a grown-up person and every year I fail.  In spite of my sartorial short-comings, I do have a good eye for other people’s clothes and Kelly Framel always looks lovely.  Her site is good for inspiration - even for someone as fashionably-challenged as myself.  Check out her recent experiment with pairing two polka-dotted items per outfit for every day this week.  The Glamourai

-I am loathe to give Tia Tequila the attention she so desperately craves – however, this is outfit is one for the ages.  Go Fug Yourself

-Dying to know how LOST is going to end????  I think this may be close.  5-Second Films

-I love me some Winston.  Winston loves him some nanners.  Four Four

-Irin at Jezebel breaks down a film from my teenhood, the inimitable Teen Witch.  Top that!  Jezebel

-GET OUT OF THERE!  The Dillon Miles via You Tube

Concluding the list of Stuff That I Like To Look At – get a load of my imaginary husband – and father to my three, hilarious, imaginary children - Adam Scott.  Also, don’t forget to watch Party Down – it’s on tonight and my babies got to eat.  Starz



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