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Gleecap: Laryngitis

May 12, 2010

Puck ‘s mom finds a mole on his head, and a quick trip to the dermatologist leaves him bald—or, more precisely, stripped of his Mohawk and thus all the…um…power he gets from it (like the power to not get beaten up by nerds). Looking for a way to rekindle his cool, he decides to date a cheerleader—but not just any cheerleader: The black one from Glee Club (if that sounds callous, see the episode’s cold open).

Rachel, upset that she’s been carrying the Glee Club bugs the club with the help of an AV student with a penchant for mallomars. After a montage-y investigation, she presents Will with a list of Gleeks who’ve more or less checked out, prompting Will to assign each one of them a cover that best represents their voice (Okay, does Will actually have a lesson plan? Every “assignment” he’s given so far has been made up on the spot…).

Meanwhile, Kurt, the gay kid, is trying to defy stereotypes to get some attention from his dad. This includes doing a cover of a Mellencamp song and going out for burgers. It’s a bit cliché, but there’s a moment between him and Sue that’s deeply profound for a show like this (“Have you ever kissed a boy? A girl? Then how do you know what you like? That’s what’s wrong with you kids today—you all want to label yourself”). After Kurt’s performance of “Pink Houses,” Will tells him that he missed the point of the assignment, which apparently now was to sing the song that best represents you, but he attracts Brittney, and they start making out (well, not right then and there at Glee Club, but afterwards, in his room). And when Kurt’s dad catches them, it leads to one of the creepiest (and yeah, really, really bad) father-son sex talks ever broadcast on FOX.

Back to Rachel who has a bad case of tonsillitis, which puts her voice under. Finn tries to comfort her and profess his love but she rebuffs him (What does he find in her anyway? She looks like Ioan Gruffund) and when she mentions that she loves her boyfriend Jesse, the stage is set for Your “Jesus CHRIST” Moment of the Week.

Things between Mercedes and Puck are lukewarm at first, but she warms up to him after his pretty good rendition of “That’s Why the Lady is a Tramp” (is that the song that best represents Puck?). But Puck’s ex Santana is jealous, and after a sweet soul duo, she and Mercedes sort of get into a fight. It gets even more tense when Mer catches Puck tossing nerds in the dumpster.

Rachel’s still reeling from the loss of her voice, so Finn introduces her to his paraplegic friend Sean, hoping that it will help her cope. Basically he tells her that his life is terrible…so it’s not much of a pep talk, but somehow it cheers Rachel up, and leads to the inevitable show-ending duo.

Kurt’s frustrations reach a whiney boiling point when his dad takes Finn fishing, which segues into an angry and self-aggrandizing performance of “Rose’s Turn,” which Burt overhears and assures his son, for about the 50th time this episode that he loves him.

There’s not nearly enough Jane Lynch, but Mercedes makes up for it. I’m kind of warming up to Puck, too, but I don’t much like Rachel, and I’m really starting to hate Kurt. I don’t know if he’s supposed to be a sympathetic character, but he really comes off as a complete jerk while his dad shows the patience of a saint…one of the really patient ones. The scenes between him and his dad are just painful to watch, too, and practically decapitate the rest of the episode.

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“Liking showtunes doesn’t make you, it makes you terrible.”

Guys lips taste like armpits? Can someone confirm this?



One Response to “ Gleecap: Laryngitis ”

  1. Pancake on May 12, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Nat – I am really enjoying your recaps – I don’t even watch Glee (I tried in the beginning, but I couldn’t hang)I think it’s good to get the perspective of someone whom I share tastes with and it makes me feel better about not quite getting what all the fuss is about.

    I guess it can depend on the guy, but I have never kissed lips that tasted like armpits.