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The Daily Froth April 30

April 30, 2010

Really dumb t-shirts to be wearing when you get arrested. (Thanks Matt)  Good Sh*t

A remake of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video by two guys stationed in Afghanistan.  (Thanks Nat) YouTube

Gallery of sexy Glamour Shots.  Well, at least the people in the photos think they look sexy. You Just Made My List

Regretsy makes fun of Esty. Here the founder of Regresty auctions off a creepy doll, poking fun the whole time.  Urlesque

Halle Berry is single again. The Blemish

Lindsay Lohan might be headed to jail.  The Superficial

Elegant and classy wristwatch.  Tasty Booze

Funny movie marquees.  Screen Junkies

Here’s a parody promo for the upcoming series Mummy, on HBO.  Funny or Die

Mummy! from Lizzy Caplan


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