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Frothygirlz’ Scopes of the Week

April 26, 2010

Aries [Mar 21-Apr 19]
If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it probably just forgot something and will leave again. Go ahead & hold on to it for one more day, okay?

Taurus [Apr 20-May 20]
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks today. Opt for someone under your age.

Gemini [May 21-June 20]
If at first you don’t succeed. Don’t bother trying again.

Cancer [Jun 21-July 22]
You find yourself in a pickle this week. Don’t worry, it’s no big dill.

Leo [July 23-Aug 22]
Go ahead and fly by the seat of your pants. Just make sure they’re buckled [and not too tight].

Virgo [Aug 23-Sept 22]
Exercise your right to free speech. But don’t bother exercising your booty. Keep it on the couch, you’ll wear out running your mouth.

Libra [Sept 23-Oct 22]
Someone has taken the wind out of your sails. Grab the helm and change course, of course.

Scorpio [Oct 23-Nov 21]
Some heavy lifting may be required. Nut up.

Sagittarius [Nov 22-Dec 21]
When someone offers you tickets to the gun show, DON’T GO.

Capricorn [Dec 22-Jan 19]
The days are long but the week is short. Your skirt should be, too.

Aquarius [Jan 20-Feb 18]
Don’t overthink things. In fact, don’t think at all. Ignorance will bring bliss.

Pisces [Feb 19-Mar 20]
If you can’t beat ‘em. Join ‘em. For drinks.



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