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Note To Readers Re: Malware

April 22, 2010

Dear readers,

Update #2 (April 24) Our site has been cleared by Google and the warning has been lifted.

Update: We received word early this morning that the virus has been cleared from our site, and we submitted a request to have the warning removed. The site should be safe now, although you will see the warning until google takes it down. Thanks

Thank you so much for your loyalty. I regret to report that our host server (Network Solutions) has had a massive attack on its servers by a malicious hacker, which in turn has affected thousands of sites that are hosted by them. Right now, our site has been flagged as having Malware, which could compromise your computer. I truly regret if this has caused you any hardship, trust me, I am sick about it. Right now all of our files are being cleaned of the offending code, and our files should be completely safe within about 24 hours.

However, I have to resubmit our site to Google for reconsideration and for them to take down the warning(s). So, our site might be fine but you will still see the warning. I will update this post at the top as soon as I have word that it is completely safe by posting it across the top.


Shannon Hood, editor


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