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The Daily Froth April 16

April 16, 2010

Dr. Drew thinks that Lindsay Lohan’s friends should get her arrested to save her life.  I kind of agree.  ICYDK

Larry King and his turkey neck fake a pose with his wife.  You know they are both gritting their teeth. INF Daily

They do things differently overseas.  Parents hire an evil clown to stalk their kids for their birthday.  What happened to pony rides? Metro UK

WTF was Men’s Health thinking when they shot this cover?  Horrible.  Why the hoodie, pray tell?   Dlisted

Kate Hudson got a boob job. Bitten and Bound

Secret menu items from fast food restaurants. Caveman Circus

More allegations that Steven Seagal is a pig. Hollywood Backwash

Amanda Seyfried walking her dog with his donut of shame.  Hollywood Tuna

World’s best father.  Tasty Booze



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