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The Daily Froth April 8

April 8, 2010

Leave it to a sex offender to take a good mug shot.  West Word

Easter cake mistakes.  Cake Wrecks

A gallery of photobombs.  They never get old, do they? Caveman Circus

Sharks + 3D = Awesome. Snakes on a Plane director to bring us Shark Night 3D! Film Junk

Bradley Cooper does the “make me look gross so I can win an Oscar.”  You can barely recognize him! The Daily Fill

Wow, amazing photo of Justin Bieber on the cover of People.  (Kidding, it’s freakishly bad.  Someone at People has it out for the little leprechaun.) Litely Salted

9 weirdest Crispin Glover moments.  That’s easy. Screen Junkies

Oh good, Kate Gosselin given two new shows.  I was terrified she might go away.  The Blemish



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