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Almost Locals Only Podcast: The Clash of Baio

April 2, 2010

Participants on this week’s episode #11 were:

Ryan and John From Lost in


Nat from

We were joined late in the podcast by Angela to discuss this weeks episode of Lost: The Package.

Review of the Week – Clash of the Titans

John 1 out of 5

Ryan The Epic fail out of 5 Click here to read Ryan’s written review

Film News – 12mins

David Fincher to direct Girl WIth the Dragon Tatoo remake 12mins

DVD Releases – 18:50


Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquel Lost in Reviews review

Sherlock Holmes Frothgirlz review Lost in Reviews review

An Education

APril 6

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans

The Collector

Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Theatrical Versions Blu-Ray

Trailer Vs Trailer - Scott Pilgrim vs Tron Legacy – 29mins

Scott Pilgrim watch here

Tron Legacy watch here (select the teaser from drop down)

What we’ve watched….44mins


Lost Angela’s weekly recap can be found here.

Danger Diabolik



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