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The Daily Froth April 1

April 1, 2010

A hilarious visit to the  doctor about hemorrhoids.  Jezebel

Gabourey Sidibie will host SNL.  Is she even funny?  I guess we’ll find out.   In Case You Didn’t Know

Michelle McGee thought it wise to verbally spar with Chelsea Handler. My money’s on Chelsey. Celebuzz

Finally, someone helpfully explains heaven.  I Heart Chaos

10 reasons that big boobs are not awesome.  Heartless Doll

Marion Cotillard is the new face of Dior handbag.  Just Jared

People are pissed about that Heidi and Spencer crap from yesterday.  Litely Salted

The Glee cast has a cute Rolling Stones cover . The Daily Stab


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